General Services

Established Go and Catch platform with their own cars and drivers. It use “Go and Catch” App as a mobile extension of their service. By developing a mobile app to complement their existing service, “Go and catch” company can make it easier for customers to book a ride while also expanding their client base. “Go and Catch” app can make life easier for drivers as well.

Booking Solutions

The simpler “Go and Catch” booking solution involves a single app for customers “Go and Catch” services along with prices and the ability to call and order a cab directly from the app “Go and Catch. You might add a map with destination points and an approximate calculation of the price of the ride according to given service prices and mileage.

Location Tracking

“Go and Catch” tracks your location all the time – even when you’re not using the app – which helps “Go and Catch” find the nearest driver within seconds. Once a taxi has been ordered, “Go and Catch” displays a countdown until the driver arrives. This way passengers don’t have to worry about a taxi not showing up, which sometimes happens with traditional taxi services.

How it works

With the help GPS, a server identifies the current location of a user in need of a “Go and Catch” service and notifies the nearest driver. In this case, it’s super important to be able to monitor drivers’ locations. To have up-to-date information about the location of a customer, we can send requests to the server every hour, every 5 minutes, every second... with whatever frequency is required.